Tuesday, December 26, 2017

LGBT Rights Laws Could Be Considered In Deciding Location of Amazon's New HQ2

A rendering of Baltimore’s Port Covington neighborhood, one of many contenders for the new Amazon HQ2.
(Image courtesy Plank Industries)

The Washington Blade reports:

In a little-noticed development, Amazon’s surprise announcement in September that it plans to open a second headquarters [HQ2] has prompted growing speculation on whether the corporate giant will consider a state or city’s laws on LGBT issues as a factor in choosing the location of the new headquarters.

In some cities, such as Atlanta and Houston, which are considered to be among the top contenders for the new Amazon headquarters, LGBT activists have expressed concern that their respective states’ poor record on LGBT rights could jeopardize their chances of landing the Amazon headquarters, even though the two cities have strong records of support for LGBT equality.

“The reality is many of the big cities in America, particularly in Texas - Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, El Paso - are islands in a big toxic red state,” said lesbian activist and former Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who was named earlier this month as CEO of the Victory Fund.

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