Monday, October 23, 2017

Panama Judge Rules Against Same-Sex Marriage

From Gay Star News:

Panama has ruled against same-sex marriage, claiming a discriminatory law is constitutional.

Justice Luis Ramón Fábrega, on the Supreme Code, has said the country’s family code that prevents same-sex couples from marrying in the Central American country is not unconstitutional.

However, there is a possibility for National Assembly members to legislate on civil unions.

‘Equality must be constitutionally guaranteed via the law,’ wrote Fábrega, according to La Estrella.

‘It is incumbent upon the Assembly to pass the necessary laws to comply with the purposes and the exercise of the state’s duties as outlined under the constitution.’

It came after a same-sex couple filed a lawsuit in which they seek formal recognition of their marriage in the UK in Panama. A second lawsuit challenges the provisions of the Panama family code that bans same-sex couples from marrying.

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