Thursday, April 26, 2018

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day! Follow a Lesbian on Twitter

Today, April 26, is Lesbian Visibility Day! Rumor has it that Lesbian Visibility Day started in 2008 and it is a great excuse to recognize the L in LGBTQ. One way to do that is to follow one of the out and proud lesbians we follow on Twitter. Below is our Top 10 Favorite Lesbians on Twitter. Below is their name, Twitter handle and their profile summary. Of course there are many more deserving women. Tell us your favorites in the comments. 

10. Suzanne Westenhoefer (@szwest1) -- lezzy comic, liberal, leftist. fond of the letter L. loud. a lover.

9. Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) -- Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.

8. Janis Ian (@therealjanisian) --Turning life into art... while trying not to be too presumptuous about it.

7. Sarah Paulson (MsSarahPaulson) -- Always Hungry

6. Rosie O'Donnell (@Rosie) --THE UNIMAGINABLE

5. Ellen Page (@EllenPage) -- I am a tiny Canadian.

4. Wanda Sykes (@iamwandasykes) -- Comic, producer, writer, stunt double, wife, mother, and know-it-all. Coming to a city near you...maybe. Check the website for tour dates.

3. Fran Lebowitz (@franlebowitz) -- Frances Ann Fran Lebowitz (born October 27, 1950) is an American author.

2. Jane Lynch (@janemarielynch)

and the number 1 favorite Lesbian on Twitter is...

Suze Orman (@SuzeOrmanShow) -- Emmy Award Winning TV Show Host, Number One NYTimes Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and America's Most Trusted Personal Finance Expert

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