Monday, March 19, 2018

Family Equality Council Honors 'Nate & Jeremiah' At Gala

Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus -- Photo by Vivien Killilea/gettyimages

The stars of TLC’s Nate & Jeremiah, were honored by the Family Equality Council at the group’s annual gala over the weekend. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

[Nate] Berkus and Jeremiah [Brent] delivered an emotional acceptance speech about how their show isn’t just about design. “What does it feel like for a young gay, transgender or bisexual child to watch a family that looks like them, living openly on television?” Brent asked. “It is not lost on us. It is not lost on us how lucky we are to be a gay family at this moment at this time…We know that we now have a responsibility to love visibility.”

Berkus said, “We meet different families from all different walks of life and through the exercise of home makeovers we try to break down the barriers and normalize the way our family looks and the way our family loves and copes and exists to the people in the middle of the country that may not know a family with two dads at the heart and at the helm.”

The two also told The Hollywood Reporter that they regularly hear from LGBT young people thanking them for their show. “The nicest things that a kid said to us once was, ‘It’s so nice to watch a show where two men could kiss that’s not about two men kissing,’” Brent said. “The normal of our story was the intention behind our show." Hosted by funny man Alec Mapa, the evening raised close to $378, 200 for the Family Equality Council. Olivia Holt presented the Impact Award to Johnson & Johnson for the health and beauty company’s LGBT Care with Pride initiative.

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Sooo-this-is-me said...

I believe it is important for young people to see members of the LGBTQ community on tv as well. I wish I had role models growing up, instead of being made to feel I had to hide being gay like I was a criminal. I am also glad to see Nate Berkus happy in another relationship since I believe he lost his first partner during the tsunami in Sri Lanka.